Sunday, October 12, 2008

SPOTTED: Kisssss and Tell

More Aldo inspired shoes? Peep toe slingbacks on stiliettos? *grins* The shoes are really making it big online aren't they? All kinds, all colours and for such fab price?! You surely don't wanna miss out alright!

SPOTTED: The Colour Theory

OMG, even more shoes! Those T-bars have gained some height alright! Adding some heels to it and looking fab in white, white shoes are the best!, I can foresee them selling out soon already! So hurry along now if you want a pair!

SPOTTED: My Shopping Spree

Pinafores! Denim pinafores! Totally old school, no? And real cute too, reminds me of the kindy days. I used to have a few if I'm not wrong. They were definitely my fav items *giggles* Wanna relive 'em childhood days?

SPOTTED: Superrolling

Aww..this skirt here is sweet isn't it? floral designs on chiffon and even comes with lining! No worries about VPL there now, eh? *grins* Very lady-like and dainty this one is, no? *grins*

SPOTTED: Trendy Hunt

They bring you shirts of all kinds. The BF dressing just keeps coming. And this one here is with ruffles too. talk about a tinge of classy in this one now *giggles* Uber awesome!

SPOTTED: Champagne Pastel

More cinchers? Say, they seem to have abandon the fierce look and are going for some sweeter kinds now, no? With 'em ribbons and the likes, they sure look pretty!

SPOTTED: Creme Brulee

Haven't heard from them in a while have we? Now they're back and back to basics it is with these simple plain tunics *giggles* they are the best and.. they look fab when matched with cinchers too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

Them jackets really remind us of Gossip Girl, can? pity this week there wasn't an episode, am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Tee-hee, nah, just kidding. Anyways, this one doesn't even cost you 50 buckaroos! Fab bargain!

SPOTTED: Embellish Me

And for the kimono lovers, this one here is a casual laid back plain coloured one for your ease to match! Ohh, and oyu can so style it differently as well! How versatile, can?


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