Saturday, October 11, 2008

Have you seen these kinda dual toned goodies? *grins* long sleeved for comfort on rainy days and oh, did they mention there is a free necklace as well? Tee-hee. That's right babes! It comes in a set! Grab your dual toned goody today!

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

And yet another dual toned blouse! Well sorta kinda though the top bit is sheer. Upon closer inspection you would notice plenty of pretty folds and pleats with an empire bust there as well *giggles* So much details in just one top!

SPOTTED: Absolutely Irresistible

More floral goodies! And this one sure reminds you of them kimonos, no? *grins* it has got the sash at the sides, the obi-like waist bit and the skirt that flares out making your legs look slimmer already, can? Woot!

SPOTTED: Knit Neat

Just when you thought the buttons can't get any bigger than this, well, think again babes! *grins* This dress here has buttons that are huge! And they definitely stand out alright being white against a dark background over there, no?

SPOTTED: Michatoo

The ruffled collar has been extended to add on some flutter to your sleeves there! Woot! Ain't that fab babes? And hmm.. it does remind me somewhat of pixie's wears, no? Or maybe I'm just very into pixies. *giggles*

SPOTTED: Ur Sidelines *Newbie*

Ooo.. more bags! And this one here definitely is one cute tote isn't it? *giggles* I like the colour, very eye-catching huh? Would be perfect for the weekend when you just wanna go casual! And oh, they don't only sell bags. They've got watches as well!


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