Friday, October 31, 2008

SPOTTED: Midnight Glam

OMG, they're gonna bring in the dress that Blair wore in the White Party! OMG, OMG! This is so awesome. Even though the price is a little steep and it is pre-ordered but hey, it's definitely more affordable than shopping offline, can? Plus, it's Blair's dress!

SPOTTED: Absolutely Irresistible

Flowers and zebra prints, who would have thought? This is totally a mix between the wild prints and the floral *grins* Totally awesome, can? OMG, and it's even on sale!!!

SPOTTED: Room 8008 *Newbie*

Awesome in salmon pink is this one shoulder dress *giggles* I loike it! and what more this reminds me of Blair's yellow toga dress as well! Tee-hee. Just a different colour that's all

SPOTTED: Cute as a Button *Newbie*

More vintage goodies for you lot and hey, whoever said you can't do vintage AND look cute? *giggles* Polka dot and puffy sleeves sure make you look cute babes!

SPOTTED: Kiss and Tell

Remember this? yes, they are so restocking the item for you babes! If you have missed out on it before then hey, fret not. Place your order again this time to guarantee it will be yours!


High waisted skirts, babes? And yes, it is satin and oh yes, it comes with the belt as well *grins* and it can be so yours. Hurry to get yours before it goes poof!

SPOTTED: Blossom

Yes more mod dresses! Totally 60s retro style this one is. And come on, everyone has theirs, wouldn't you wanna have yours as well too? *winks*

SPOTTED: Lacquer and Lace

We got them fringe on them boots and now we even have them on a blouse! How awesome is that, now? Totally like trendy and off the runway this one is. Woot!

SPOTTED: Dainty Dreams

Pearly beauty. And you wanna know what's the best part for this? It even comes with a matching necklace, can? *giggles* That's totally awesome!


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