Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SPOTTED: Oozora.tang

More quilted goodies babes? This one here is versatile in transforming its shape! And not only so, it totally comes with a matching little pouch to store coins, keys and the likes! How awesome is that?!

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Ahh.. more goodies inspired by the runway. Something like the one spotted from D&G? Woot! Now we can have our own as well with an absolutely affordable price! Fancy that for a red trench coat! Sexy!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

More brass goodies? And with key and lock charms too? This time, these charms are encased! Woot! I think it looks totally fab like that, no? Very vintage treasure-like

SPOTTED: A'xteqs

Ahh.. vintage goodies. Don't we just want more? check out this one here. Looking good with the pleats there, no? Very figure enhancing, can? *grins* And looks totally fab with the sash behind as well

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

More cinchers! Yay! And they look good when they're simple too! I think we've seen a fair share of them fanciful ones, time for something simple like these over here!

SPOTTED: Dazzle *Newbie*

OMG, a Tinkerbell necklace! A Tinkerbell doll necklace to be precise *giggles* Don't we just love it? she's like the cutest pixie/fairy cartoon character ever! Woot!

SPOTTED: Vintage Housewifee *Newbie*

More vintage goodies babes! Looking good in checks eh? There sure are plenty of them to choose from. Skinnies, skirts, shorts, dresses, they all come in checks now! Woot! Btw, this is the sister site to Bundle of Joy!

SPOTTED: Sasha Vintage *Newbie*

See what did I tell you about checks? They are the new thing and also a vintage thing. the best of both worlds isn't it? *grins* And the traditional red checks are sure the way to go! Woot!

SPOTTED: Chamber of Babylon *Newbie*

Nail art anyone? Now if you all love manicure and have delicately beautiful long piano fingers, you babes really should do this! They are gorgeous! Especially the lower right corner one! Me likey! Too bad I dont got pretty fingers

SPOTTED: The Fashionistas

OMG, more headbands! This one here looks more of a Serena than Blair seriously *grins* But then again, it doesn't matter. Headbands are the next glads! Everyone is gonna be wearing one. Get yours today! Remakes are totally possible too!


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