Friday, October 10, 2008

SPOTTED: Round Bean

Some Chanel inspired goodies eh? *grins* Isn't that awesome and even with a ballerina charm as well? *giggles* That sure is cute isn't it? *winks*

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

More sailor girl goodies! Fancy a pantsuit with stripes eh? Tee-hee. Sure is a playful piece here isn't it? and oh, if you want more of those kimonos, there are last pieces available!

SPOTTED: Enchanting Hearts

There, there, more puffy sleeved dresses are here for you! *giggles* very princess-y isn't it? plus, the whole tulip neckline feature there? awesome!


More layered goodies! And hmm.. doesn't it remind you of Christmas? It sure does for me, very well themed coloured there, no? Ooo.. and check out the neckline there with the braided gold strings!

SPOTTED: Ministry of Clothes

Somewhere between work and play isn't it? *grins* plus this one here is just a one piece, not two piece. Isn't that fab? *winks* looks comfy and I bet it is!


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