Saturday, October 4, 2008

SPOTTED: Tictactoe

Toga pantsuit anyone? *grins* Now we all want some toga dressing don't we? And what's worst is that it isn't only difficult to find but also rare that it comes in a pantsuit! And now we have it! Woot! take this opportunity to buy it already before it's gone!

SPOTTED: Mini Pose

Those pinafore goodies sure have come a long way, no? Check out this one here. Slightly striped and with pockets *giggles* Real sweetie pie here, no?I reckon you can just wear it as a dress without having to make it a pinafore!

SPOTTED: The Cute Closet

Is that couple tees I see? Sure is cute alright. And the best part is your man is being a darling in wearing it together with you too! Go out, spend quality time together and be dressed up for it with these! Never runs out of style, ever!

SPOTTED: My Kedai Runcit *Newbie*

OMG, aren't these the cutest things ever you have laid your eyes on?! Well, I dig cute stuff so things like these appeal to me big time! they can be your new keychain, new brooch or even necklaces! *grins* How cute is that? I would like some and pin it all over my sling bag strap already!

SPOTTED: Absolutely Dress[ed] Gallery

Monochrome is in! And I realised lately all the tube dresses seem to be sporting the two sort of collar-like flaps, no? And it does make it all look extra classy, even more when you get 'em in black and white! Sexy and classy = awesome match!


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