Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SPOTTED: Triple Heart

More kimono inspired goodies for you lot! They are ever so versatile and sensual without being overboard. Isn't it fab already? You get the best of everything with just one piece. Wear it as a mini dress or pair it with some skinnies, leggings or shorts! As said, it is so versatile, no?

SPOTTED: Kisssss and Tell

And yes, another kimono inspired piece. We see like a few of these every single day now, no? What happened to all the other kinda clothes?! Anyhow, not like we're complaining. After all, they do look absolutely fantabulous, can? *grins* I know you want more

SPOTTED: Absolutely Irresistible

They now have a new kinda promotion. Every other week, one of their items will be on a special discount! Woot! And this week's item is this piece going on a whopping 20% discount! Grab it while you can babes! Offer's valid till 7th of October only!

SPOTTED: Mini Pose

And what can be more best selling than the ever so famous cardis? Here you have more! they come in the usual plain colours that are easy to match for any day, any outfit! So, grab yours already? *winks* have a collection of cardis now, why don't you. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Se.xx.y

They have come back with not only neon but with a whole new different collection this time. Check out that halter top already. Mmm.. secy-licious? Wait till you see the back of this one babes! *winks* And notice the clutch that they're carrying alone with the bracelet? They're so totally for sale as well! Woot!


See, what did I tell you? Even more cardis! This one here is ribbed and from Old Navy. They even got pockets too *giggles* You never know, they might just come in handy when you least expect them to be. Yummy, yummy, don't wait long now if you wanna have your hands on it

SPOTTED: Trendy Confessions

And if you're really no cincher fan, then hey why not try some of these? These skinny belts here come with some real awesome Victorian buttons! Woot! They sure look classy don't they ? what a way to style up your outfits with one of these already!


Ahh.. look at that satin dress here already. A halter dress and looks like there's a scarf attached to it as well? *giggles* Really classy with the simple design but hey, don't hesitate to go out with this for your casual events as well. After all, a little dressing up wouldn't hurt, no?

SPOTTED: Xoxo.chic

And even more belts! Big with the buckle and going on tan with this one here. Vintage feel, somewhat, no? *grins* Anyhow for such a fab price, you'll get this piece already and it doesn't even have to burn a hole in our pockets! Pick one up for yourself before they're all gone!

SPOTTED: Frozen Petalz

There, there, more gladiator flats for you lot! And they look mighty fierce laced up like that, no? And just when we thought they were going extinct, nope! You get your chance at it yet again! *giggles* Wanna get some? Better hurry now!


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