Monday, October 27, 2008

SPOTTED: Ur Sidelines

Quilted white bags and ohh.. check out the little padlock there *giggles* I think it looks cute! Totally accessorizes the bag, no? Now we don't need to look for a bag charm!

SPOTTED: Enchanting Hearts

More babydoll dresses! *giggles* Don't you just love them? I think they're the best type of dresses ever simply because it fits everyone and makes everyone look so cute!

SPOTTED: Maybellycia

Remember seeing something like this? Not only do they have the bracelet cum ring set but now it comes with a matching set of earrings as well! *grins* this is great isn't it?

SPOTTED: Behind the Seam

More bags inspired by the big brands! Woot! This time they are calling from Jimmy Choo. Comes with detachable and adjustable straps that allow you to fit the bag to your height and the occasion!

SPOTTED: Hugs and Jellyfishes

Some balloon sleeves eh? Where you get the best of toning those arms down yet without being all drapey at the same time. What an awesome match this one is!

SPOTTED: Rainbowmallows

Halter dresses are something we never get enough of, can? *grins* Especially when they come with that sexy back over there, this is sure to look awesome for you!

SPOTTED: Crazy Wardrobe

More maxi dresses and they sure do keep coming in different designs, no? A halter feature? A one shoulder maxi? Ahh.. what will it be for this maxi?

SPOTTED: By Binnie

Topshop inspired ankle length lace leggings! Now that was a mouthful wasn't it? *grins* Nevertheless it looks good, don't you agree with me too babes? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Clothes for Fun

Yummy satin this one is and you know what else is yummy about this piece? Notice the cincher? Totally comes with the dress! That's a fab deal isn't it? Tee-hee


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