Saturday, October 25, 2008


Bright yellow sunshine hoodie! Woot! Isn't that awesome, keeping warm while at the same time feeling all bright and sunshiney! Total opposites I know, but hey, who says it can't be done?

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

More brass goodies! And this time, there are prints on the brass goodies as well! Woot! I think that is fab, no? Seldom we get to see goodies like these ones here

SPOTTED: Forever Boutique

Remember the pussy bows? Well, here are more of them! They are still around, just got to look babes! And this one comes pretty simple as well, nothing too fancy

SPOTTED: Oh My Clothes!

Cinchers come with zippers too, did you know? *grins* yes they do and they look awesome as well! People are just so creative these days with designs, don't you think?

SPOTTED: Lacquer and Lace

A vest with fringe details? Now how about with keeping up with what's trendy and what's not eh? *grins* This one totally stands out already! So are you wanting to stand out too?

SPOTTED: Chubby A Bit

A jumpsuit! Seriously, what's the diff with jumpsuit, playsuit and pantsuits? Someone do enlighten me. Anyhow they always look fab, no? Very casual and unique in its own way!

SPOTTED: Branded Items Spree

Star light, star bright, get yourself a funky start tank top tonight! Tee-hee. Get yourself funky tank tops now! They have got a whole range for you to choose from!


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