Sunday, October 26, 2008


As you all know, Lacquer and Lace is owned by Binnie and Josh. What happened was an unfortunate event occurred while Binnie was shifting her items to a separate site. Poor dear, she is trying her best to reach as many customers as she can with regards to this

If you're unable to locate the items you've seen before on Lacquer & Lace that was brought in by Binnie, no fear. I assure you she has not run away with your orders/money etc. You will find them here: By Binnie

Should you not receive any replies from her, do contact her at the new e-mail address located at the new site. This is a transitional site, she will redirect you once her new label is up.

Do take note of this before panicking babes. And do let your friends know as well


Your sister in shopping


Anonymous said...

Lacquer and Lace was built by both Josh and Binnie. It is very unfortunate that Binnie is prancing around telling people that it's her heart and sweat that started out this site, where in reality, Josh has been the one putting the name out, and pretty much making the site what it is now. It makes no sense at all to try and push him to only sell guy's clothings when they both agreed to start this site up together. It is annoying that she has been trying to oust him out from the very beginning. Please, dont listen to any of the bullshit binnie is trying to tell the world.
Lacquer and Lace has been a unique site which boasts to have stocks from both guys and girls. It does not make sense for one of them to want to have the bigger share of the earnings. That was what Binnie was trying to do. Just because she is a girl does not mean that her taste in girl clothings are much better than Binnie's. To be honest, i think Josh's things are much nicer. So, guys and girls alike, please still be loyal to Lacquer and Lace as they promised me that they will deliver much and better lines in the future.

resurgam... haha

suet said...

aww...why all those fighting? =( I love Lacquer&Lace. Will still shop from both binnie and josh. Good job,both of you.