Tuesday, November 25, 2008


SPOTTED: Infinite Fashion

Take home a pair of shorts at only rm25! Everything here is totally affordable and seriously babes, you're so gonna be able to buy heaps of goodies when the prices seem to be taking a plunge, no?

SPOTTED: Kimono Collection

Another one here catered for just the kimono lovers. Seriously, there are so many designs, it's no wonder it's still a hit after months long of seeing its appearance!


I thought the cardi looked rather awesome until I realised, no.. it's actually a two-in-one! OMG, isn't that even more awesome? Get something like this but for such a great price! Woot!

SPOTTED: Curly Cuddles

Something else that you cannot resist are definitely the very affordable tees, not going for only rm18! Man, I know petrol prices went down but this is great news for all of us! Cheap clothes!


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