Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sneak Peek for ASD readers

Greetings from Doublewoot :)

You might have seen it, you might have not. Some might have placed order, and we are sorry if it's sold out. But look what we've got for you lovelies now...:)

Darls..we have managed are going to our best-seller!! The Candy Maxi..

You just gotta own a Maxi dress in your wardrobe


Free Size(fully stretchable underbust)

Length: 139cm Model height: 160 cm

Material: Superb quality Jersey *guaranteed comfortable*

Colour/status:Orange and Purple only

E-mail us or just sms us for fast order @ 012 413 6011/ 016 426 1469 now!!
Advance payment needed

*this little secret is not yet revealed to public, grab yours now first hun!*

Your sister in shopping

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