Saturday, November 22, 2008

SPOTTED: C.G.L.M.E. *Newbie*

All things cute can be found right here babes! This totally reminds me of Baskin Robbins, can?! Tee-hee. It doesn't always have to be clothes, something cutesy items like these are what we like best!


Man, do we miss you or what? Back with goodies, a two toned dress with hoodie and pockets as well too! Isn't that great?! Tee-hee. Plus, you'll always find affordable goodies here anytime!

SPOTTED: Wussytoots

Another one who has been MIA for a while now. Glad to have you back girls! Ahh.. them high waisted skirts, we sure haven't seen some of these in a while have we? And now you can have them again!

SPOTTED: Dolly Sins

Ooo.. me likey this one here with the checkered bow! I always adore their dresses, can? They are so awesome, makes you wanna throw parties and make up reasons to wear them already!

SPOTTED: My Dress Space

Classy in this toga, can? Tee-hee. Love the one strappers. Not too casual, not too formal, always spelling out fun with a hint of classy. I loike it! Available in 5 different colours babes! Get them while stocks last!

SPOTTED: Audrilicious

Ooo.. check out the bling bling on this clutch over here, can?! Totally glamorous, if that's the message you wanna send. Then this is totally IT for you! Woot!

SPOTTED: Peaches and Pixies

Checkmate! More check goodies, seriously, they are always in season and in every design as well too! Come on, you have to have one piece in this design, can?!

SPOTTED: Bambee Dear

I love mini dresses, they are just so fun! Or, turn it into a long top if you wanna, especially for those who are of height. Tee-hee. Plus, for such a fab price, where else are you gonna get something like that?

SPOTTED: Arona Avyana

A garden of flowers this one is *grins* Simple designs, simple colours, perfect for the weekend dress, no? Or for a party, or for anything! Goodies like these are totally versatile, can?

SPOTTED: Princess Boutique

Speaking of simplicity, why not try a dress with a racerback? We seldom get these, don't we babes? Plus, totally plain coloured for your pleasure of accessorizing! Woot!

SPOTTED: 3 C Couture

For even more simple goodies! Try this halter dress. Retailing at only RM 30, this one here sure is a STEAL! Wear it for parties, for clubbing, for anything!

SPOTTED: Aphrodite's Touch *Newbie*

Everything going for under RM 40, can? Woot! And they too start off with a simple key by bringing you the basic of the basics, spag tops! Love the colour on this one, don't you too?


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