Monday, November 24, 2008

SPOTTED: Clothes I Like

I think this is one of the most classiest colour of all, both for casual or formal events. Something that you will hardly have the chance to bump into someone with the similar colour, can?

SPOTTED: Shopaholic Boutique

Burberry fans, here is where you can stock up on your beloved goodies. Nope, they aren't the imitation, but the actual goods themselves! Oh, of course they have other brands as well, go have a look see already!

SPOTTED: Zarfa Boutique

Telly junkie? Tee-hee. Here's a tee for you! Seems like its catered for the males but then again, we always like to "borrow" the BF's clothes, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Nerdy Closet

Looks like they have another instalment of the Little Mr Tees, eh? *giggles* Aww.. that's just so cute. We had our fair share of Little Miss Tees, now for some of the other characters!

SPOTTED: CharmSecret Garden

Lotsa colourful hearts on this one here alright. And yes, another item under RM 30! Woot! Man, I can spend a whole day looking out for fab deals already!


Simplicity in this one for the design, no? *giggles* I like the plain colours and the white background, definitely. Something like this ain't so loud, yet not too plain. Just perfect

SPOTTED: Mini Pose

Knitted and off shoulder there? ahh.. but yet it keeps you warm without looking like you're wrapped and bundled up there *grins* Isn't that just what you're looking for?!


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