Friday, November 14, 2008

SPOTTED: Colour Me Pretty

Looking for something to wear underneath those blazers, kimono dresses, etc etc? Get yours here for only RM 10, works as a slip or even just wear it on its own like this *grins* Anyhow, it's a steal!

SPOTTED: Quadruple Queen

That's right, they indeed have a lace affair with goodies such as these. So delicate and pretty, don't you think? Definitely for those who are totally Blair-ish, can? *giggles*

SPOTTED: SweetMink Online *Newbie*

More accessories to add on to your collection. Tee-hee. I wonder, how many charmbracelets can one have? Surely we would one different ones with different charms to suit our mood of the day, no?

SPOTTED: Lovely Lolitas

Kimonos here they are! Oh, did they mention free postage as well? *grins* That's right they are having it till the 29th of November! Isn't that fab? Now hurry along and take your pick!

SPOTTED: Garde-Robe

And more of the satin goodies are here for you! *giggles* Totally looking great for the workplace now isn't it? Tee-hee. I wouldn't mind, dress up for work!

SPOTTED: The Aura *Newbie*

Rocking around, the Christmas tree.. lalalala.. forgot the lyrics *shy* anyways, it's about a month-ish till then and please don't wait till then to get the pressies! Start ticking them off your list now, especially with goodies in season like these!

SPOTTED: The Bouncing Bananas

Tees going for RM 15 only! Come, come get yours today! They won't be here for long so get it now cuz totally not restockable, can? *winks* Only a few left now.. hurry!

SPOTTED: Bunny Noo

There she goes again with the awesome designs! Man, I really loike it when she was modelling them, she makes the clothes so attractive, no? And she does bring in awesome goodies, like this one here! *giggles*


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