Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SPOTTED: The Dressy Dresser *Newbie*

And more two in ones are available! Have got a presentation up but not really into dressing all up? well, this one here sure will come in handy, comfy and totally fits the dress code, no?

SPOTTED: "A" Style by Azureen *Newbie*

Ooo.. another striped kimono inspired piece? *giggles* We love them kimonos, don't we babes? And attached to the dress is a black tube so you have no worries looking for the right one to match!

SPOTTED: Clothes I Like *Newbie*

A little off shoulder and a bow, plus totally on a sunshine yellow piece here *grins* How can you resist it babes? Looking sweet and dainty in this one here already!

SPOTTED: Forever Only U *Newbie*

Tee-hee. This is so cute can? And how I wish they were actual slippers, I'd wear them definitely! But, no.. however, they get to look totally cute hanging off your handphones!

SPOTTED: Chiq La Belle

Remember these? And how they were sold out! But, good news now, they are totally restockable! That's if you place your orders quick though. So no waiting and second thoughts now babes!

SPOTTED: Iccy House

Get this, 2 items on promo! Woot! This one here going only for RM 45, totally slashed from the earlier price, can? and the other item? Tee-hee. Why don't you head over and find out babes?

SPOTTED: Bling 2 Bling

Say the magic chant, and you'll get a discount from them this weekend at the Sunday Sundaes Bazaar! What is it? Well, you simply have to walk up to the owner, and say these words: itch-bitchy-crazy-spider! So easy, can? And you'll get a discount! Woot!


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