Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SPOTTED: A Fashion Obsession

They are back and looks like time to get busy alright! This batch is floral themed and totally perfect for you lot who just cannot get enough of them! Dresses or tops, she has got them all for you!

SPOTTED: Behind the Seam

Another Jimmy Choo inspired hobo bag?! OMG, that sure is eye catching alright, totally similar to the actual one and this one here, totally affordable! Whee!

SPOTTED: Miss Capsicum

And another tinge of floral goodies here too *giggles* Something like this, very kimono inspired is something every girl wants, isn't it? There you have it, while stocks last of course!

SPOTTED: Allaven

And more floral goodies. My, my, just when you think that we only get them in summer, looks like we are getting them all year round, in every single season! Woot!


And last nut not least, clutches are a must! Ironic how we girls can carry clutches that fit so little and oversized bags as well, no? Tee-hee. We girls can pull off anything!


Your sister in shopping

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