Monday, November 3, 2008


Check that dress out! And it doesn't come in one design, but in a few! Perfect to hit the beach with this one, can? style it the way you want it babes! It's sure to look gorgeous no matter how you wear it!

SPOTTED: Room 8008

Mini skirt! And this one is a low rise one as well too. We sure need more of these don't we babes? And fret not with the status of this item as it is totally restockable!

SPOTTED: Brown Sugar Addict

I know cardis are like so a girly girl thing, can? what more when they come with cute polka dots like these! Tee-hee. Totally the sweetest thing!

SPOTTED: Angelface

Houndstooth peep toe heels, can? OMG, they're awesome. These designs are totally hitting us by the waves now aren't they? Awesome! I loike it!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

More accessories! She just has more and more everyday, can? Woot! a ribbon and a pink heart? aww.. so sweet, no? Totally girly girl personified!

SPOTTED: Forever Boutique

More Victorian blouses in the house babes! Isn't that great? Especially one that comes in a sweet shade of pink too *giggles* Oh, pink is like my 2nd favourite colour, can?

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

More gorgeous shoes! Woot! Don't you just adore shoes babes? Like I mean, we never get enough of shoes, no? Especially when they come pretty with a bow!


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