Wednesday, November 5, 2008


You know what, I totally love it when you visit as e-shop and they have a whole outfit laid out for you. And everything there is for sale too! Isn't that awesome? *grins* This smart look is totally IT!

SPOTTED: 1 Babe Shop

Check it out. A bareback satin piece, can? and the details on it are awesome. This one here is definitely a dress to impress whoever the audience may be!

SPOTTED: Dorfbury

Tired of them heels? Get some ballet flats instead! Yes, and these even come in black and white, aren't they the best colour combos ever?!

SPOTTED: The Kittencake Shop

More bags with fringe! And not only so, this one here has a little bow on it as well *giggles* So cute, can? I'd sure think so! Hurry and grab one already!

SPOTTED: Eve's Closet

Hey, they too are bringing in bags! *giggles* Isn't that great? Especially when its in black as well. It just goes with anything, that's what we like best!

SPOTTED: In Lurve With

Some wedges for you babes? In classic black and white, this one here sure is gonna look sporty but with an edge! The wedges! Awesome, isn't it now babes?

SPOTTED: Buckle Buckle

More shoes! These peep toes come with slingbacks as well. Looking dainty in white aren't we? *grins* Get your very own pair today!


Your sister in shopping


Peep. said...

thank you for your review! :)
totally love it!
haha so didnt think of it as a set!

Your sister in shopping said...

peep: really? that was the first thing that hit my mind! *grins*