Thursday, November 6, 2008

SPOTTED: Secretly Lovely *Newbie*

Ooo.. sexy-licious this one is. This halter dress sure is something and you so gotta check out the back of this one here *winks* Something extraordinary to own, can?

SPOTTED: ZarFa Wardrobe

Talk about some dual tone, we hardly get to see them like this, no? Tee-hee. There is something about mixing two bold colours, can? makes it all the more better and eye catching!

SPOTTED: My Closet Giggles

Ooo.. sexy mini number here *grins* complete with floral designs, just the way we like it! Notice the bow? You can wear it at the side or in the middle! Totally up to you babes!

SPOTTED: White Label

Congrats to them for opening their own physical boutique! Must visit them one day and they still continue bringing in those gorgeous dresses *grins* If you're near the area, do drop by for a visit!

SPOTTED: Kocek Clothing

Bart Simpson, the angel? Oh, the irony! Tee-hee. But you gotta admit, it isn't everyday we have a tee like this can? especially for males! They sure are rare in the online shopping realm

SPOTTED: 45⁰ Workshop

Puusybow blouses? Here are some more! Available in white and a natural shade of brown, these are sure to be easily matched with for the work place, can?

SPOTTED: Purple Wardrobe

Denim skirt anyone? Come on, everyone has to have one, no? And this would suit you well if you're looking for a cut off design *grins* plus, it's just the right length, not micro mini, just nice *grins*


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