Monday, November 24, 2008

SPOTTED: The Shopping Whisperer *Newbie*

Tees and more tees for you lot babes. This time at RM 29, this is Beatles pink tee we're talking about- can? Oh, they have other tee designs of course and accessories as well too! I heard they will be bringing in books as well? Support them as a part of their profits would be donated to charity!

SPOTTED: Fancysista *Newbie*

And even more basic tops, this one for only RM 25! Man, everything is under RM 30 these days? No wonder we girls can go insane shopping online, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Stephanie's

Accessories themed with a lover message. Aww.. I really like the wings charm there plus the bell. I've got a thing for them bells, very nostalgic for me *grins*

SPOTTED: Round Bean

Looks like she has got more charms! OMG, totally cute to the max, can? There's Melody there and the panda is oh-so-adorable! *squeals!* There are more, this is just a sneak peek for ya!

SPOTTED: D Looking Glass

How about more ruffles? I see them everywhere now with all sorts of varieties! And it is a good thing because they aren't the typical blouses, a little extra makes it all special, no?

SPOTTED: Sasha Vintage

Doesn't this look familiar to you? Tee-hee. Yea, it was one of the earlier cincher designs, no? Just that a little ruffles and polka dots there makes it more vintage and retro style already!

SPOTTED: Wears and What Nots

Ahh.. another one of them gorgeous glam clutch for you to bring along for prom or Christmas dinners as a matter of fact! Tee-hee. And yes, like all other clutches, this one comes with a strap for you to sling it too!

SPOTTED: LaTonya Boutique

Now this top here sure is an interesting one. The polka dot faux belt there extends to the back for a tie-back! And not only that, the price, totally affordable! RM 28 only!

SPOTTED: Room 8008

Pretty in maxi dresses alright. She has brought you a few choices and oh, aren't they pretty? They are in pink too *giggles* Very sweet, especially this one here with the flowers

SPOTTED: Clothes Cottage

Just when you think deals couldn't get any lower, this top here? Retailing for only RM 21! Now are we getting steals of the day or what here? *grins* You know you like them *winks*

SPOTTED: Princess Boutique

Not your average top here. Complete with chiffon and satin lining, plus the frills on the sleeves? Ahh.. something very classy already, no? This one here, definitely good for both work and play!

SPOTTED: Pink Gincu

Go crazy with layers babes! Especially when they come in satin as well and in red. Wow factor there, don't you think so? *giggles* Of course if red isn't your thing, there are other colours as well *winks*

p.s. the blogger is to retire to bed now. Anymore typing will be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Toodles..


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