Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SPOTTED: The Sticker Monster

The sticker monster is back with more! While we're crazy shopping for clothes for Christmas, seems like she has brought some in for the festive season too! *giggles* Go and relive them childhood days with these!

SPOTTED: Mezzanine

A pair of rosey ballet flats and totally inspired by the big brands, can? *grins* Oh my, they do look gorgeous and get this, the outer sole is fully lined in leather too! Awesome!

SPOTTED: Lacquer & Lace

And more shoes? Get sexy-licious with a pair of these already. Patent laced up boots, can? *grins* Totally the bomb, I bet cha can't take your eyes off it already!

SPOTTED: Tenladytoes

Tee-hee. Spot the hidden Mickey with this pair over here. Custom made, can? Seriously, any design can go on those shoes babes! Why not get yourself a pair already?!

SPOTTED: Jolie d'amour *Newbie*

Another newbie! I reckon at the rate this goes, we can hit the presence of 1000 blogshops or more! And they start off by bringing in what we girls *heart* most, cardis! Complete with pockets for all things handy. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Embellish Me

We all have to have these basics, don't we? Simple basic coloured tank tops and even Leighton Meister was spotted wearing one! How's that from Queen Blair, eh? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: .Stop.Shop.Splurge.

Dresses and more dresses are here! Just when you thought the maxis were yester-months away, guess again! They have more now and in your classic black too! Woot!


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