Monday, November 17, 2008

SPOTTED: Vintage Toast

Did you hear? They are having goodies sold for RM 21 and below! OMG, this is so the place to grab good deals, no? Like this skirt here, only RM 21! *squeals* Totally non-restockable so hurry along now

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

More zebra print wedges! And this time in blue instead of the usual black and white. Tee-hee. Nevertheless, they still look good and more funky too, no? Grab a pair already!

SPOTTED: The Milkyland

And for more cinchers, here's who else who has brought a whole lot of them in! Woot! I think they are getting more and more classy, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Peaches and Pixies

Simple halter dresses that are casual enough for the weekends and parties? There they are! A whole lot of them for you to choose from as well *giggles* Grab a few and be prepared to par-tay!

SPOTTED: Forever Boutique

A little bling on a LBD sure brings in extra attention, no? *giggles* Loving the glitz and all, grab this one for the up and coming dinner party or prom!


Cardis going for only RM 25 per piece! A total of 10 different colours up for grabs, can? And RM 45, when you buy 2! Omg! Superb bargain here babes! Don't miss out on this one alright

SPOTTED: Shoessaholic!

Sporting 3 ½ inches on this one, these wedges sure are gonna give you leverage alright. Plus, the colour? Totally a rare find! I wouldn't miss out on something like this, would you?


If you have a BFF who's like so gonna fly across the world to pursue studies etc, then get her something like this. It would be the perfect gift, can? a locket and a photo of the both of you, serving as a memoir despite the vast distance

SPOTTED: Jovy's Wardrobe

More kimono inspired goodies? This time, they come in satin as well. Wow.. totally glam factor alert here babes! With or without the cincher, it looks just as awesome, no?

SPOTTED: Korii Joko *Newbie*

Uniquely handmade and no replications from here. All accessories are unique in its very own way! Everything you purchase from here, you'll never be in a fashion clash catching someone else wearing it alright!


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