Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are you a bag crazy lady?!

SPOTTED: Alice Wonders

Bags, bags and more bags! Of every kind and almost every colour! Shop your way crazy babes! Oh, there is a party too, can?! An online one this time. Let me give you the juicy details:

Description: Online shopping with a touch of MADNESS! Prices on over hundred bags going berserk, randomly shrinking to as low as 70% every hour! Shoppers also get to enjoy exclusive 1 day free delivery.

Start Date: 4th Dec 2008

Start Time: 12:00am

End Date: 4th Dec 2008

End Time: 11:59pm

Starting 12:00 am tonight, a couple of hours shy, you get till shop for bags till you drop, can?! Tee-hee. And oh, that isn't all of course. As for you ASD readers, you get something extra!

Here's the deal:

All you need to do is send me an email and let me know how has ASD helped YOU in your online shopping experience! First 10 readers to do so will be entitled to a 10% discount voucher! Woot!

Oh btw, you do have to send it to me ASAP as the vouchers expire on the 6th of Dec, 2008. Do hurry, send in all your stories now!


Your sister in shopping

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