Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of the year for 2008! No, no, I haven't gotten my dates mixed up. I won't be around tmr as I'll be ushering in the New Year 09! And you babes should too. We surely can stop shopping for one day, no? *winks*

A Shopaholic's Den wishes everyone a blessed year ahead for 2009! Woot! *party streamers and confetti in the air!*

Reviews resume on 1st Jan 09 night


SPOTTED: Hazel Mazel *Newbie*

Make this your new halter dress or a tube dress with a bow! It really depends on how you wanna work with this one here babes! Have fun, be creative, style it your way!

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

Simple satin kimono? Sometimes we just like them plain, no? Then this one here is perfect for you already! Plus the whole satin feel makes it more elegant, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale

Yes, here are even more Anna Sui coin purses. I remember receiving requests about them some time ago, but if you haven't found yours, you just got lucky babes!

SPOTTED: 45⁰ Workshop

Nope, it isn't two pieces but its a jumpsuit instead! Now, isn't that great babes? Totally one of a kind there. not only that, it's on discount as well! Woot!


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Hey there
i came across your blog and i think its very awesome!
you have some great pics and great clothes.
love it