Thursday, December 25, 2008

SPOTTED: Drestres *Newbie*

A very modern top that is perfect for the workplace. Dress up in style, play around with the bow, wear it at the front or at the back, can? Either way, this sure is a beauty! And so are you, the owner of it!

SPOTTED: Ugly Duckling

Remember how they always sell out before you even notice they have new updates? Now guess what, they have officially went dot com! With their new site, you can have a blast surfing for brand new goodies! More to come so check back often!

SPOTTED: Pandora Gallery and Boutique

Here's another that we sure miss! They are back again and with more goodies as well too! While it is still Christmas, you still need brand new clothes for the New Year, no?

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

Love them LBDs, don't you? One can never have enough. Especially when black is like the classic colour, can? And you really just wanna have one in every design! Woot!


And pink, is of course, another must have, no? Especially something girly girl like this. You so cannot miss out! Plus, they are having this crazy sale as well! Woot!


Formally known as Hello Fashionista, they have revamped it with a new look and a new name as well too! Have fun browsing and these cardis are not to be missed! I've seen them around and they are always a major hot item!

SPOTTED: Lacquer and Lace

Straps, correction, thick straps are so IN right now! They are the next craze when it comes to shoes, no? And who would have thought? *giggles* Then again, another reason to get another pair of yummy-licious shoes!

SPOTTED: Lollipop in Wonderland

Have got way too many mini dresses and are a tad bit worried of some oopsies-accidents? Well, here we have some shorts just for that purpose. Isn't that fab, babes?

SPOTTED: Bunny Noo

I sure do love them dual toned goodies, can? Tee-hee. Especially when they're sleeveless and cut in like this. Awesome! Totally screaming, "Buy me!" already!


Your sister in shopping


me said...

hi dear, i keep track by login into ur blog FEW times on EVERYDAY to see who is updating. So i hope u can update more frequent as well :)

Jolene said...

Can you comments at my clothes too? i just started my business recently, but seems like nobody know, can u pls help? xD
i very appreciate for ur help, thx.