Saturday, December 27, 2008

SPOTTED: Pretty Ever After *Newbie*

Another newbie! Woot! Oh and we sure love these simple tops, no? Especially pairing them up with the skinny jeans and leggings, which we all have plenty already, no? *winks* Totally awesome!

SPOTTED: Cute as a Button

Look who else brought in vintage goods! I think, what's vintage has a wider collection than ever, no? Plus, there is so many different styles to it as well, you wouldn't be able to get enough of it, anytime!

SPOTTED: Joan Bead Shop

Inspired by nature, this one here sure is full of it. And the best part of it all is that, they can totally adjust it for you so you have no worries about it being not the perfect size!

SPOTTED: White Label

Heels, heels and even more heels. How can you not like them? My friend once told me, "Even if you dress well, without a good pair of shoes, the outfit is just ruined". And she's so right isn't she?!

SPOTTED: Shopping Playground

For those of you who adore satin goodies, then this one here might just be the one you're looking for. No more dresses, tops are versatile and we can make plenty of outfits with this one top, no?

SPOTTED: Rosette Couture

And yes, more tees for the lovely you. Very affordable and hey, are you a lucky charm to someone? Then this is so calling your name already isn't it babes?!

SPOTTED: A Chic Store

Polka dottie! *giggles* Isn't that just a cutie? And oh.. very sexy as well too! *grins* Something like this sure can come in handy for parties, no? Come on girls, it is so the time of the year for plenty of celebrations!

SPOTTED: Chamber of Fashion

Long sleeved tops anyone? Something simple, plain and totally affordable especially when they are offering free postage with it as well! *grins* How much more awesome can this deal get?

SPOTTED: ShoPink Queen

Gladitors, s'more? I know the craze isn't as gung-ho as it used to be but the thing is many babes out there have yet to get their hands or rather feet, into one of these! And here's another chance to do so!

SPOTTED: Heaven for Angels

Victoria Secret's faux wrap tee. Going in three different colours for an awesome price. Sometimes don't we all wish we could live in the States? Shopping there is awesome! And now, we can get a tinge of that awesomeness right here!

SPOTTED: Oh My Clothes!

They are bringing in accessories as well? That is awesome babes! And hey, have you noticed how these chunky bangles actually look pretty awesome? *giggles* Yes siree! Get them if you haven't already!


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