Thursday, December 4, 2008

SPOTTED: Think Glamz

The very basic headband. In white too, my absolute favourite colour of all time! *grins* Totally adore it, can?! Plus, it's totally affordable as well too. Get one for yourself already!

SPOTTED: Jewelry Shopping Mall *Newbie*

Pearls are your thing? Then this is so the place to be, can? *giggles* A whole full set, this is perfect for the events and dinners that are to come! Woot!

SPOTTED: Delora's Wardrobe

They should be called the Dalmatian shoes, can? Well, sorta kinda. Tee-hee. The best part is, the shoes are all entitled for a discount! Woot! Isn't that great?!

SPOTTED: Mezzanine

Booties galore! Woot! This is the best, can? a pair of suede booties and it doesn't event cost you 100 buckaroos. Like where else are you gonna get goodies like so?!

SPOTTED: Ultimate Dazzle

While they don't have anymore of them bears.. but what they do have is this! And more choice of course *giggles* aren't they adorable?! A whole new collection to start!

SPOTTED: Crystal Paradize *Newbie*

If you have had way too many charm bracelets, they opt for something new like crystals on them bracelets! Something new and gorgeous for a change isn't it?

SPOTTED: Lacquer & Lace

Slingbacks, peep toe and strappies all in one plus sporting a stiletto heel?! Oh my, this is one sexy pair of white shoes isn't it babes? *grins* You like must so have already!

SPOTTED: Kittencake Shop

Fringe on glads on wedges. Hmm.. and yellow too! Gee, them shoes are really looking pretty awesome this time around, no? We have so many varieties and they all look so good!


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