Saturday, December 13, 2008

What’s gonna happen at the Fleur De Lis?

Now, now, you didn't think it was just pure shopping and freebies alone now did you? Of course not, silly! We got prizes to be won as well! This is the best outfit from the FDL contest!

There are 6 categories in which you can enter!

1. Hollywood red carpet - The glitz, the glamour, that outfit that is guarantee to have your picture splash all over the tabloids and magazines!

2. Corporate lady - Suit up, or not, mix traditional work wear plus a tinge of your personality into it!

3. My first date - Both a little scared, neither one prepared.. this is how you feel on a first date. Nevertheless, stay simple, be you and you'll look gorgeous!

4. I got it from my mama - Who says that is SO out of style? What's old is the new gold! Dig into those vintage goodies and you'll find unexpected treasures waiting just for you!

5. Party queen - Are you the party gal? Especially when it's the Christmas, I bet 'cha planner is booked all the way from now till the 2009 hits us! Show us your favourite party outfit!

6. Your average girl next door - Looking good without even trying too hard! The girl next door, simple, casual and one to leave an impression!

All you need to do it:

Step #1

Register yourself when you come for the Fleur De Lis. You will receive a goodie bag (if you are the 1st 100 guests of the day) and a floor plan to guide your shopping!

Also, do register yourself for the competition!

Step #2

Shop like crazy!

Step #3

Go home, wear your proud finds and come up with the best outfit combo for either of the 6 categories! Then all you need to do is camwhore and label where you got the goodies from.

For example,

- Your average girl next door -

Top: Oopsie Daisie, Bangsar

Tube: Some dance shop

Jeans: Giordano

Watch: Gucci

Necklace: A gift

Step #4

Email the picture to and state the category that you are entering!

Deadline for submission is on 11:59 p.m., 28th of December 2008

Easy peasey, no? Shop, have fun and win prizes! Woot!

And.. do show your faces babes when you send in the pictures. I couldn't find a proper one hence this is the best one to offer. And we will so post it up online, so you get fame for shopping. Now, isn't that a fab thing? *grins* Only 1 winner per category yea!


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