Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who’s gonna be at the Fleur De Lis?!

Am still on hiatus - Blogging resumes next Monday


Btw, the list of vendors is updated yea

And yes, we have a FB event page as well:

Ahh.. you must be wondering who the vendors are, no? And what's the Friday night session about? And a physical Trade Corner come to live?

Tee-hee. So many questions! Let me answer them slowly, eh? Dropping little hints of surprises along the way! Let's start off with the vendors!

For accessories we have:

Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast

The Aura Gems

Mimpi by Murni

For clothes we have (a lot!):

47 YKJ


Alice Wonders (lotsa bags!)

Ancient Orchids

Autumn Closet

Bunny Noo


Candy Treats

Clothes For Fun

Closetz Galore

Dandelion's Kisses

Doublewoot (all the way from Penang!)

Dressing Lab

Dusky Wings

Escapade Beyond Paradise

Fabulosuity Boulevard


Jafifo Boutique


Miss Capsicum

Miss OCD

My Favourite Tees

Myra's Spree



Lush Serendipity

Oh My Clothes!

Oh, popsicles!

Old Blossom Box


One Pit Stop

Phat Culture

Princess Boutique


Room 8008

Sassy Chic

Secretly Lovely

Soul Chic


Tasty Cherry Chapstick

Tees 4 You

The Closette

The Colour Theory

The Shoplifters


Zarfa Wardrobe

And for shoes we have:

Momento Shoes!

Woot! Isn't that great? Well, these aren't all yet as some are still pending confirmation. Are you interested to be a vendor? It isn't too late yet! There are still some available spots. Come join the fun, just drop me an email! *winks*

Oh yes, we even got cupcakes for all three days too! Wee... Come early babes, goodie bags to be given only for the first 100 guests each day!


Your sister in shopping


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Any of those carry plus size clothes?

I'm a size 14 US.

Your sister in shopping said...

the Constantly Damatic One: hey babe. erm, im not sure about that.. i have no idea what the vendors will bring in. it's all a surprise!

| stephay | there's so much to say :) said...

can we try on the clothes before purchase?

Your sister in shopping said...

stephay: hey babe. that depends. if u go to the vendors in the room, then yes! :D