Sunday, January 18, 2009

Absolute Bazaar!

Yup, I finally made it to 3k Inn yesterday! Though there were so many going on this weekend but alas, I only managed to make it to one out of the many *sobs*

So have a look see for those who missed out!

Step in... and this is what you see! Tons of racks and people, you can't even tell one booth from the other! *gasp* But it was great to see them all again :) Tee-hee. And.. with new goodies as well too!

Come have a look see at who was there! (I only managed to capture some, not all of the vendors' pictures. Was kinda hard to tell the vendors and shoppers apart, and I was only there on Saturday! Apologies for those who I missed out)

In no particular order, here goes!

French Kiss

Candy Treats

Lush Serendipity

Oh, popsicles!

Clothes for Fun

Dressing Lab

Room 8008

Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast


Kiss and Tell

Luscious Lips

Dusky Wings

Coco Goddess

Dandelion's Kisses

Ancient Orchids (shy girl didn't wanna have her picture taken)

My Favourite Tees

A Chic Store

Looks familiar to you? Tee-hee. There were lots more! And I bet even more depending on which location you were at this weekend! Hope you had fun at the bazaar(s), activity gonna be slow mo after this considering everyone is gonna be on a break and collecting ang pows a plenty!



Your sister in shopping

4 comments: said...

w00t! it was a blast! :) can't wait for the next installation ... :D same goes with fleur de lis! ;) hehe


Candy Treats said...

Hey, babe!
Nice seeing ya there! Mind if I steal CandyTreat's photo? :)

Your sister in shopping said...

Phat Culture: Yup it was and I can't wait too! :)

Candy Treats: Go ahead! ;) Was nice seeing you again too!

Clothes For Fun said...


Thanks for taking pic of us babe!!!


lucky I dont look too bad..