Sunday, January 18, 2009

E-shop of the Week: The Closette

SPOTTED: The Closette

This one here almost needs no introduction from the amount of goodies she always brings in *grins* From tops to dresses, she's got it all! Come have a look see!

If you're totally into floral goodies, then these are perfect for you! Off shoulder with those cute sleeves (not too sure of the terminology) or get one which is black and white! Woot! Why don't you get both since they look so good? *grins*

Or are you more for the strapless kinda girl? A tube top perhaps? Or a tube dress? The design here sure is an interesting one alright! Woot!

And if you're all for versatility, then have a go at these! The one on the left works both as a top and a mini dress! A sexy number of course, along with the lace trimmings *giggles* And the one on the right? A skirt with a bow or a halter top or even a tube top! Don't believe me? Check out the site to see it for yourself!

And.. if you're totally in some last minute shopping mode looking for red goodies, here are some for you! Check out the cute big black buttons on that dress already! So cute!

Not forgetting the ever so chic trench coats! *grins* Very interesting, no? And with all you who are leaving for over seas soon, one of these may be handy, no?

And of course, high waisted shorts! Woot! How can we miss out on what's hot, right? Tee-hee. So there you have it babes. A glimpse of what she has to offer you! Head on over to check out for more!


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