Tuesday, January 13, 2009

E-shop of the Week: Doublewoot

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

This post is slightly delayed due to unforseen technical difficulties.

Plus, what you see here now is a sneak peek! stay tuned at Doublewoot as they have yet to release them! You're the lucky viewers!

This time round, they have a whole set for you, can? No need to go scouting for that perfect cincher because it comes with the dress or top! Be it swirls or tartan or even a plain simple dress with handy pockets, they come ready accessorized for you! Isn't that great news?!

And this one here has an extra touch to it! It's a three piece! A chiffon to complete with inner spag and a removable sash! Totally up to you to wear it the way you want to babes! Woot! This is great!

Or.. you really want it plain and simple, they have it too! Try some tube dresses like these here. I love the colour. So sweet, isn't it? Tee-hee. Or try something inspired by the kimono! This time, it comes with some lantern sleeves too!

Or are you more for cover ups? Cardis? With or without buttons, they have got them both! And not only that, the one with button comes in a set, complete with an inner spag! This is great isn't it? They totally prepare the outfit for you!

Or would you like a little less length on the cardis, then go for this one here instead! Cropped cardis, either plain coloured or even with cut-outs! Woot! Very sexy, yet without showing much skin there eh?

So how do you like the sneak peek babes? Better bookmark that page so you'll be the first to place the order before its too late!!


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