Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess where I went today..

Step in.. a glow amidst the darkness. You're probably wondering where is this place. Ahh.. a name that is no stranger to us. Read on

Looking familiar? Those who frequent their site would know about this. It almost looks like droplets suspended in mid air is you didn't notice what's connecting them

That's right. Welcome to White Label Closet Boutique @ Kota Damansara. Almost a year in the business, they are proud to open their very own physical store! I got a little invite to have a look-see in conjunction with their upcoming anniversary

Almost a good enough panorama there.. almost. Tee-hee. Giving you a rough idea of how it looks like there

Voila! Their humble little place, nevertheless filled with goodies a plenty, definitely more than what you see online alright

Clutches and bags of all shapes and sizes! Very cute designs too I would say. These definitely aren't the usual bags we're carrying. Tee-hee. Time for change for this brand new year of 2009!

And for those of you who have always be concerned about VPL or looking for those bras that enable you to wear that sexy bareback dress, they have the solution here for you!

Shoes? Plenty of them available as well too! Of course, there are more, just ask and they'll be more than happy to assist you with that, Tee-hee

Accessories, cinchers, the lot! They have got it all babes! This is your one stop shopping experience, you'll definitely find goodies you like here alright

Notice how they colour coordinated this little corner here as well? *giggles* All things black, can?! Woot! Those heels there? Totally lovely!

A little camwhore session. They have clothes for work, with style of course. Not your usual button down and all that at all!

Those kimono/Japanese inspired tops, which somehow turned out to be a mini dress for me. Oops? Guess I'm a little vertically challenged for this eh?

My favourite! This white dress with bubble hem and very gorgeous designs all over! Thinking, bridesmaid? This one here's for you! Complete with the sash as well too! Pity I don't have any event to wear it to

And not forgetting the maxi dresses! With bubble hem as well *giggles* I wore some 3inch wedges there, can? That shows how short I am. Le sigh!

Anwyays, that's not all. In conjuction with their upcoming anniversary, all A Shopaholic's Den's readers are entitled to a mystery gift! And they are also having a 15% discount till 14th Feb! Woot! Details below:

Sneak peek?

Tee-hee. So see anything you like? Then send those order emails to me already! Woot! Hurry, hurry! I'm waiting... *grins* All orders will be forwarded to WLC of course. You're sure in for surprises with this one here. Be sure to follow the format yea

That was fun, no?

And if you were wondering where the boutique is, here you go:

36-2 , Jln PJU 5/9 (1F),

Dataran sunway, kota damansara,

47810 P.J

And the map of course:


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