Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plenty of newbies have arrived! Woot!

SPOTTED: Ada Gaya *Newbie*

Literal translation: Got style. And that's exactly what they bring to you with their new batch of updates, can? Awesome looking cinchers that you totally do not want to miss out on!

SPOTTED: Strawberry Tags *Newbie*

A taste of LeSportSac sling bags? *giggles* Always adored their designs. It's just totally too cute to resist! I mean, where else, or who else comes up with funky-licious goods like these?

SPOTTED: Cherwwy Closet *Newbie*

Some love them cardis, some love 'em hoodies (like me!) and there are some who look stunning in these kinda jackets! Never mind the bright colours, they wear it so well, you totally wanna follow their style!

SPOTTED: Moto-Moto

Ooo.. look at who else ventured into the men's range as well too! Woot! Come on, you know they wanna be part of your online shopping experience as well too, no?

SPOTTED: Room 8008

A two-in-one, complete with a bow and checks to match! Oh my, this is totally a work of art, no? *grins* Non-restockable, so better hurry to place that order to make it yours!

SPOTTED: Yuka's Personal Paradise

Ever had an issue with blackheads? Then try this! It works like a pore pack, only that it's a mask! She even has got a personal testimonial to prove it, can?!


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