Thursday, January 1, 2009

A shout out from me to you

Hey all,

No, no, this isn't another hiatus note.

I just want to say thank you to all you readers out there and the e-shop owners who have been great knowing you all! 2008 was indeed an awesome year for me.

Having started the blog out of boredom during one semester holidays from the Wordpress days to blogger and my own dot com sponsored! Seeing clothes and updates at a fast paced rate was uber exciting and sharing it with you is even more exciting!

A Shopaholic's Den started off announcing updates and working with themes of different clothes

to being featured in the Star

to hosting the very first bazaar as well! Tee-hee. Never in my thoughts would I think it could be possible and of course, plenty of thanks to y'all!

Along the journey, have learned a great deal on what business is, how to organise an event, how to manage my time (oh goodness!) and to having developed many great friendships as well! Am thankful for these experiences. Looking forward to 2009 in positive light

Thanks all for bearing with my absence, mistakes and lack of replies (as there are way too many emails coming in and also I'm working solo, no partner in this *sobs*). Would like to wish you all a blessed year ahead, may it be filled with joy, happiness and wonderful opportunities ahead of you


Your sister in shopping

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missycheerio said...

Hey,read the article on the star.Keep up the good work babe,happy new year. :)