Saturday, January 10, 2009

SPOTTED: Cool Crocs *Newbie*

Well guess what, the crocs craze have even hit the online stores, can? Aren’t they just the cutest? Especially the baby ones! *giggles* I totally loike them much

SPOTTED: Oh, popsicles!

More trapeze dresses? And these aren't blings babes, they're awesome loops there! Not to mention the pockets that would totally come in handy as well too! *grins*

SPOTTED: White Label

Here's another for the CNY! Small little flowers adorned all over this little tube dress here. Totally cute isn't it and looking good when you're collecting your ang pows as well too!

Daisy Deariesx

Since we're going on with the red as the theme colour, why not don on a pair of red shorts as well? Come on, we sure have enough of all the normal colours, try something bold instead!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

Ooo.. reminds me of Bambi, this one here. If you totally dig accessories like this, do not hesitate to add this to your collection already. You know you want to *winks*

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

Not only do they have clothes but now they are even bringing in handmade beaded bags! Totally one of a kind! I remember making them myself and OMG, I totally had no patience! Ooops? *shy*

SPOTTED: Addicted to Fashion

How about something in the classic black and white? And one with the floral prints as well? I totally love the design at the neckline there. Gorgeous, isn't it? *giggles*

SPOTTED: A Girl's Wardrobe

Isn't that maxi dress just gorgeous? Tee-hee. Definitely one of a kind and the colour is really sweet too. Price is a little steep but hey, sometimes, the goods are totally worth it!


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