Friday, January 23, 2009


More maxi dresses! And they are also including the retro designs, can? Not just the floral anymore babes! Woot! This is great! Maxi with style..

Happy Bear Wardrobe

There you go again with the dual toned goodies! This time round, a little more smart casual in style, offering you the best fit for both worlds, work or play!

Maybe Baby

Ooo.. another kimono inspired top, can? And notice the sleeves? Those little folds? Makes them all the better, no? Tee-hee. I loike it!

SPOTTED: Stephanie's

More custom made goodies! Everytime I see them I'm like hey, how come I never thought of that design?! Am always intrigued with the customers' requests! A whole new world of designs out there!


Yup, this time round it's all about Aigner bags! For work or play, with bags like these, you're sure to be walking in style alright. Totally not your average bag!

SPOTTED: Atelier Wendy Sue

If this caught your eye, then guess what? They have a whole set! Earrings, necklace and bracelet altogether, can? Isn't that great?! Woot!


Do you fancy stainless steel goodies? Well, I for one, adore them a lot! And what she did was just uploaded a whole lot of choices for you! So go have a look see!

La'Belle Xtra

You do know Valentine's is round the corner, no? Tee-hee. While it may be over rated and all that jazz, nevertheless, it always put a smile on our face to receive a gift on that day from your loved one!

SPOTTED: Cherwwy Closet

And for those of you who adore these tiered tops, here are more! And in soft chiffon as well too *giggles* Don't you just love it already babes?


Your sister in shopping

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