Monday, January 12, 2009


A white trench. Aww.. this sure is gorgeous! Then again, everything white is gorgeous to me. Tee-hee. But you gotta take note of the price, only going for rm39! OMG, steal, no?!

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

Criss cross all over this one here! Woot! Man, we need more of these! We have plenty of 'em stripes, checks and all but something like this? Have a field day with 'em colours already!

SPOTTED: Like, Seriously

They have a whole lot of dresses! And pretty cute tiered mini skirts as well too *giggles* Isn't that great? Tee-hee. And they don't cost you a plenty at all!

SPOTTED: Audrilicious

Let me hear you rawr! with this one here *grins* Yes, we love the wild prints, don't we? Especially when they don't cost an arm and leg to don one of these pretties

SPOTTED: Kiss and Tell

Look who else brought in mini skirts? And this one here sure is a demure piece with eyelet trimmings along the hemline there, no? *grins* So sweet!

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

More kimono inspired pieces for the lovely you? *giggles* I'd sure like some. After all, there are so many designs, we surely can never get bored of them, no?


Dual tone it, vertically babes! Woot! They totally have the slimming effect when they go vertical instead of horizontal. Plus, they make you look taller as well too!

SPOTTED: Knit Neat

Looks like an ordinary top from the front but check out the bow design at the back! Now, that's something unique about this top isn't it? Or.. you can always wear the bow in front as well too


Do you love your sating goodies or what? Woot! Something like this looks awesome with anything and everything you pair them with. For work or for play, this one here suits both!


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