Monday, January 5, 2009

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

More angels for accessories! Woot! I loike it! This would be the perfect gift for the friend, a message that you'd be her guardian angel, no? That's what friends are for after all! *winks*

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

If you're the kinda girl that loves to stand out, be different, be unique, then hey, these goodies might just be the right thing for you! All these are one of a kind unique pieces which you definitely won't see 'em anywhere else alright!


Now this is surely a sweet maxi dress, no? The lace, the ribbon and the flowers and only for whooping rm45! OMG! This is such a steal, can? *grins*

SPOTTED: Destres

An oversized clutch sometimes is the best thing ever for us, no? Perfect to fit everything we own into it and perhaps even extra space for something that comes up later! Plus, the design is totally cool as well, no?

SPOTTED: A Chic Store

A mixture of denim and lace? Wow.. definitely not something we come across everyday. But it sure looks good, doesn't it? Match it with some skinnies already and you're ready to roll!


More dual toned goodies for you? I know, I'm totally in love with them, can? They just look so good you simply cannot resist something like this. Plus, there is a bow at the top part of the dress as well too!

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

Sexy pantsuit there isn't it babes? With the zipper and the buttons, this is sure to make heads turn and eyes keep following you with each step you take *winks*


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