Thursday, January 15, 2009

SPOTTED: The Hey Hey Hey *Newbie*

Not only do they bring in quirky pieces, they also have quirky poses for their clothes! All goodies are handpicked for the lovely you so you wouldn't be caught clashing with anyone!

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

A whole series on LBDs, can? Oh my, we're sure to find out LBD here, no? Tee-hee. All looking sexy-licious till you're absolutely spoilt for choice!

SPOTTED: The Kooky Thing

This dress here, I swear I saw a similar piece by one of the big brands! But for the life of me, I so cannot remember! Anyhow, this is definitely one of a kind and not to be missed!

SPOTTED: A Fitting Room Boutique

More kimonos, you ask? Tee-hee. And one in bright Barbie pink as well too! How could you possible resist a piece like this babes?! *giggles* I'ma totally loving it!


Looking for a simple checked shirt? Then here are more for you! Woot! They look good with leggigngs or a pair of shorts anytime, anyday!

SPOTTED: Luv My Dresses

Another classic design, the stripes! How can we not have something like this in our closet, right? I mean, as plain as it is, it looks good with anything!

SPOTTED: Pink Gincu

That's one interesting off shoulder top isn't it babes? Loving the colour and the design of it already! *giggles* Don't you agree too?

SPOTTED: A Fashion Obsession

She's back again with more Victorian ruffles on these awesome blouses! Man, in that classic black too? How could we possibly say no, right? *grins*


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