Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SPOTTED: Luv My Dresses *Newbie*

A tube pantsuit? *giggles* They sure spell out fun alright! And definitely something awesome to own as well too. Perfect for carefree and de-stressing days!

Forever Only U *Newbie*

The classic heart charmbracelet. Aww.. isn't it sweet? I think every girl should have one kinda thing, even more if it resembles Tiffany&Co.'s designs!

SPOTTED: Autumn Closet

Have a sunshine yellow dress babes! *giggles* Or well, if yellow really isn't your colour, then have a go at the other shades! This dress here is definitely perfect for both work and play, no?

Ancient Orchids

Heaps of Abercrombie collared tees for the lovely you! Available in a rainbow of colours, almost literally, you'd be sure to find one that tickles your fancy already!

SPOTTED: Allaven

More trench dresses, babes? Ahh.. one in white like this sure makes you feel all professional already doesn't it? *grins* And totally a versatile one as well too

A Fashion Story

Like the design? Guess what? They totally have a similar design for the earrings as well too. So if you're looking for a set, then this is it for you babes! Woot!

Dressing Lab

Just when you thought you wouldn't ever hear from her no more, think again! She brought in plenty of vintage belts this time and of every size as well too! *giggles*

SPOTTED: House of Venus

If you really fancy those handkerchief satin dresses, then this is totally the place to be, can? Woot! They have a few designs for you to choose from and they all look so good you'd be spoilt for choice!

SPOTTED: Closet Story

Plenty of floral goodies in those vibrant colours for the CNY! Woot! Aren't you glad that the festive season is gonna be like round the corner? More reasons to buy more clothes *winks*


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