Friday, January 16, 2009

SPOTTED: Modiste *Newbie*

Cincher baby! I bet we have seen more than 100 designs already ranging from feminine to fierce! Woot! And yet, we're still buying more because we simply can never get enough of accessories!

SPOTTED: Maybe.Baby *Newbie*

Check out that low V-neckline there with those cap sleeves. Ooo.. this one here sure is one of a kind for a blouse, no? Feeling rather shy? Then you can always pair it with a tube!

SPOTTED: Style of 8

Haven't heard from them in a while have we? And they are back with colours! Woot! If you're looking for a casual happy dress, then this is so it!

SPOTTED: Norah's Closet

Looks almost like cherries there, can? Just oblong shaped ones. Tee-hee. For more creations, you can totally find them here! Accessories galore!

SPOTTED: Dress Cube

Dresses aren't the only thing that they've got. They got very colourful striped shorts as well too! Woot! Get yourself a pair of these funky goody already!

SPOTTED: Perciosa Mariposa

While the top is rather sheer, you cannot deny that the lace and the sash there helps to make all the difference to this top! Demure and elegant, no?


I don't know about you but dresses like these seem to be catching my eyes all the time as of late. Tee-hee. They're cute and adorable. Perfect for casual days!

SPOTTED: Flitterby

More accessories? And they're imported as well too? Never hurts to wear them big and loud, after all, we want them to be noticed, no?

SPOTTED: The Bouncing Bananas

Striped them up! We have seen plenty of them on cardis but now on hoodies as well too? Tee-hee. This surely is another one to add to the collection, no?


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