Friday, January 9, 2009

SPOTTED: Petite Four *Newbie*

A cardi cum hoodies? Is it me or when the new sem starts, we see more of these again? They were MIA for a while weren't they? Anyhow, it's all good news for us, no? *grins*

SPOTTED: The Closette

A simple mini dress with a bow! And they even got puffy sleeves there as well too *giggles* This is too cute to resist babes, don't you think so? Better hurry to place your orders now babes. Psst, it comes with a sexy back too!

SPOTTED: Ministry of Clothes

Well, well, would you look at that! They got black and white ones and these are just perfect for both work and play, no? And only going for rm39! This is a steal you cannot miss out on!

SPOTTED: Luscious Lips

We missed you! And my, what awesome updates as well. I like this one here. I think I got a thing for asymmetrical tops. Tee-hee. And the colour? Just perfect for the festive season!

SPOTTED: 1 Babe Shop

More tee shirts are available for the lovely you! And perfect for rocker chicks as well too. I know it's hard to find goodies in that range but hey, you never know when they will just surprise you

SPOTTED: Deluxcious Doll

Who wants some of these? I totally remember the rage for this one here. All the big brands and all the e-shops were selling them like hot cakes! And you better get your hands on some quick before they go poof! again

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

Sweet eyelet designs are back on the racks babes! Do we miss them or what? Tee-hee. This is definitely the sweetest design ever and oh, totally Blair! Btw, did you know Gossip Girl has resumed? *winks*


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