Saturday, January 24, 2009

SPOTTED: Wears and What Nots

Halter dresses are forever the basic dresses we all need. Especially when they come with such lady-like cuttings, it's really hard to resist such a beauty!

All Dressed Up

I know how you love these Anna Sui goodies. And for a great price as well too. And this is exactly what their update this round is about! Go have a look see yourself!

Definitely Fashion

Looks like the trapeze dresses are making a come back this time round, no? Especially the bejewelled ones as well too! This is just great! Something that doesn't run out of style with time!

SPOTTED: Kimono Boutique

Another one? Yes, that's right! I wonder how many have you got in your closet there already eh babes? Tee-hee. And surely, the more the better with the various designs to choose from!

SPOTTED: Shopaholix Bar

And even more kimono dresses! Oh my! Well, you know when you want choices, here is one place that is sure to offer you plenty of them! Tee-hee


She's back with one of a kind pieces you sure don't wanna miss! Most of them not restockable, so hurry along and get your hands on them before they go poof!

SPOTTED: Bundle of Joy

Come on, let's give it up for the dudes! More goodies available for our dear other halves here online! Especially with Valentine's on the way, we sure will find this a good thing for us, no?


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