Friday, January 9, 2009

SPOTTED: Your Perfect Stop *Newbie*

Ooo.. another bag blogshop! We sure do not see enough of them. A read bag like this sure is handy and perfect for collecting the red packets, no? Ample space for them as well too!

SPOTTED: Yuka's Personal Paradise *Newbie*

And more bags? *grins* This is good news for me because I'm in need of one. My current is sorta kinda expiring. Boo.. And something this size would do me just great! Since I somehow have heaps of things to bring along *shy*

Candy We Hearts *Newbie*

How's that for a plain and simple top, eh? Something basic with the puffy sleeves *giggles* We sure love them sleeves like this, no? Looks awesome especially with the pinafore!

SPOTTED: Enchanting Hearts

Ooo.. more dual toned goodies! And this one here sure does look sweet doesn't it? Tee-hee. We seldom see this combo for the colours and boy, this is a must buy!

Creme Brulee

Trench coats we've seen plenty. But something like this? Ahh.. totally a fashion statement there in itself, no? Get yourself one today already babes! Woot!

SPOTTED: Lollipop Wardrobe

More dual toned goodies? Tee-hee. I totally like the design of the skirt there, don't you too? It looks like a two piece but fits just well like so as a dress, no?

SPOTTED: Funtogs

We definitely haven't heard from her for a very long while. And now she's back and with more goodies than ever before! Check out this fitting dual-toned dress already. Woot!

Baby Be Dazzled

Some like 'em thin and some like 'em thick! So which do you fancy? *grins* Something like this here with a cute little ribbon seems irresistible, no? *winks*

Kiss and Tell

A white dress! Aww.. that just is so pretty! And not to forget very elegant as well too. For the record, white does not make people fat, it looks wonderful actually and totally versatile!

SPOTTED: La'Belle Closet

Oh my, what a whole lot of dual toned goodies we have this post, eh? Tee-hee. And this one here is off shoulder as well too. Sexy-licious there ain't it? *winks*


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