Sunday, February 22, 2009

E-shop of the Week: Lovely Lolitas

Another week, another e-shop to be featured! Come feast your eyes on what they have to offer you babes!

SPOTTED: Lovely Lolitas

Maxi dresses, they've got plenty! Especially the ones full of floral designs as well too! Something you fancy? Then head on over to place an order, like, pronto already babes! Woot!

Or something less of the prints, but still with prints nevertheless *grins* Have some of these instead. They sure are unique pieces to own, no?

And we sure do need some cover ups! Comfy cardis are the best choice for this purpose here. Especially in plain shades where it makes matching our clothings all the more easier!

Or tube dresses? They sure work well with cardis! Three different designs, which suits you? Or are you crazy for all three already? Tee-hee

And not to forget the ever so popular kimono inspired dress! *grins* One can never get enough of dresses like these! They're just so versatile for any occasion!

And blouses! Ahh.. for both work and play, one top fits both purposes, can? Tee-hee. That makes it more worthwhile owning something like this already, no?

For more goodies, head on over and check them out already. Wouldn't wanna miss out on the good deals they have to offer you, can?


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