Tuesday, February 10, 2009

E-shop of the Week: Ugly Duckling Closet

A bit late, but better than never no?

As you all would have seen the banner, this week's e-shop of the week is none other than:

Ugly Duckling Closet

Remember how fast their goods go poof?!

Yup, they're back with more goodies this time round too!

The one that everyone's been after, the kimono inspired dress! We've seen so many designs an colours but yet there are always new ones that continues to amaze us, no?

And how about some ruffles? Looks pretty on these tops here doesn't it? And colours we rarely see as well too! Looks great with leggings or tucked into some high waisted pieces!

Or those toga and one shoulder fancies? They are ready stocked with them for you too! Especially with all the craze about it yet again! I'm totally loving it!

Or dual toned? You never thought they could come out like this huh? Well, well, we love surprises don't we babes? Tee-hee. And how can you not like the classic black and pink mix?

Or for more sweet looking dresses, they have these ready for you as well too! All dainty and pretty up, just for the lovely sweet you! *winks*

Just when you thought they don't carry your style, get this! They are bringing in quirky pieces, inspired by none other than Katy Perry! Stay tuned babes for their next batch!


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