Friday, February 6, 2009

Newbies for the day!

SPOTTED: Compras Reina

Look at those shoes already! Guess what they're doing? They're totally pre-ordering everything for you, can? OMG, the selection drives one insane!

SPOTTED: Pampering Yourself Naturally

More and more skin care products are coming to hit the online stores, no? Plus, they come in cute gift bags which makes them real good and practical gifts, no?

SPOTTED: Angel Attraction

Some black and white goodies, eh? They totally have another one with inverted colours as well too, now isn't that just fab? *giggles*

Shopaholic's Bag

Now, now, I have officially lost count for all the accessories blogshops available! There are just more everyday and with new selections to offer you as well too!


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