Friday, February 27, 2009

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

Swirly wirly with this baby here. The length, totally hot! The plunging neckline, totally sexy. What else are you looking for? *grins* Available in another colour as well too! Go check it out!

SPOTTED: Ultimate Dazzle

Looking like a Grecian beauty there already, no? Especially the colour and the braided straps there. Ahh.. you're wondering how come someone has not claim it's ownership yet, no? Probably waiting for you!

SPOTTED: Label Leaf

I feel a warmth everytime I see this shade. Even more when it comes with long sleeves like this! *giggles* Oh she has another design too! Go have a look see already!

SPOTTED: Footy Bag

Shipping in all the way from the US are none other than Coach goodies! Ahh.. been seeing more babes carrying Coach bags lately. It makes me wanna own one as well too!

SPOTTED: Bows Lover

High waisted shorts, can? And they look slightly ballooned as well too, giving an impression of fun and playful-ness there already! Tee-hee. Aren't they just lovely?!

A Shopaholic's Epitomist

It may not be Valentine's anymore but hey who says you can't get couple tees on other days right? Totally inconspicous with this one here, you would't have too many fingers pointing at you!

Crazy Wardrobe

Even more embroidery designs! This time on a long sleeved dress here, can? You should totally add on a cincher for a great fit with this one here alright! Woot!

Pastel Stripes

A simple dress? A pinafore? Layer it with some long sleeve top, especially turtlenecks for that great look! I think it's the perfect outfit to go to college with! Woot!

SPOTTED: Beauty and her Bits

Yup, bows on bags look great as well too! Tee-hee. Especially in white! Come on, despite the care needed to ensure our white bags stay white, it is a lovely colour, no?

SPOTTED: Daisy Deariesx

Knitted and layered, this one here is not your usual LBD! Looking sexy, but without going over the top. Not trying too hard with this one but letting the dress speak for itself!

Fruity Sensation

This has got to be your next favourite place to shop for shoes! The designs are breath taking, a tad bit pricey but hey, totally worth it when they're flown in just for your lovely soles

Wardrobe Project

A tulip wrap knee length skirt! And in electric blue too mind you! Oo.. any simple top would look fab paired with this one here! Come on, get it already! It's a must have, no?

SPOTTED: All Dressed Up

Get those awesome lashes with this mascara here babes! Yes, you're looking at yet another Anna Sui product! Starting a collection there already, huh? *winks*

SPOTTED: Red Lips Closet

Splash on some lovely colours with this halter here already! Looking fun and totally artsy, no? Tee-hee. And hey, what say you for this and a classic black pencil skirt?


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